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If you are on this page, most likely, you need to write an international relations personal statement. The task is more than challenging because you need to have significant knowledge of such fields as politics, history, economy, and much more. However, writing a personal statement for politics and international relations is important if you want to start a career in the field.

That is why we have created an international relations personal statement example. With its help, you can understand how the text should look like. Yes, an international relations personal statement should be written from scratch and unique, but why not use a few ideas and get familiar with a typical template?

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A winning international relations personal statement example

Since early childhood, I have been amazed by the world we are living in and the constant changes that happen between people, political parties, and countries. During middle school, I started reading international magazines and watching the news.

My parents helped me realize that being educated in world affairs can open a world of numerous opportunities. My goal is to become a part of such organizations as the UN and help people who disasters and wars have impacted.

My family had to escape the Soviet Union many years ago, and I still remember the stories they have told. This experience helped me see how lucky we were and that many people across the world are displaced, not knowing what to do and who to turn to. 

For more than two years, I have been volunteering at international expeditions to explore endangered species and find ways to protect them. But the expeditions are not only about animals. We get familiar with local cultures, learn about the needs of people, and try to help them fight poverty, lack of education, and medicine. 

In high school, I decided to study a variety of subjects: Maths, English, and Biology. I am sure that having diverse skills and knowledge can greatly help me pursue the goal of becoming a UN member and helping those in need. 

When I am not studying, I have plenty of hobbies. 10 years ago, my parents and I went on a cruise and fell in love with Greece. Since then, I am reading everything about the rich Greek culture, myths, and modern state of affairs. One day I want to learn the language and spend at least a year in this beautiful country. Photography is one of my biggest passions. I love taking pictures of nature and animals and even had a small school exhibition last year. 

Another hobby that I’d like to mention in my international relations personal statement is sports. As I grow older, I understand how vital physical activity is. Even though I am not a professional athlete and don’t have any significant achievements in competitions, every day, I run in a park and can’t imagine my life without a swimming pool.

Every year I spend two months in Italy to improve my Italian. I love this language, country’s history, cuisine, and hospitality. I am fluent in English and German and want to study as many languages as possible. I’m sure that this will greatly help when working internationally. During my free time, I’m an active participant of Greenpeace and local organizations that protect nature.

I look forward to the opportunities your university can offer and am sure that my experience, personal traits, and aspirations will fit into the program and your values. I have never written a personal statement for international relations, so I hope that this text was informative and interesting. Wishing you a beautiful day and can’t wait to receive a message from you.

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